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Is Cash4Offers Legit Or A Scam?

April 26, 2010 by  
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Is Cash4Offers Legit Or A Scam?

Of course, Cash4Offers is legit because we pay all honest people who participate in online activities like reading paid email, taking surveys and offers.

So, Why There Are Complaints On Cash4Offers On The Internet?

Good question and we’ll try to finally reveal the truth and explain why this is happening in this article, so keep reading on…

First, the service provided by Cash4Offers – paying cash for reading email, filling out paid surveys and offers, and referring friends is very vulnerable due to some lazy and dishonest people. It means that anyone can join the site and instantly begin claiming money by borbarding us with threats, curses, complaints and scam accusations without even lifting a finger.

However, Cash4Offers is not a charity organization and it don’t give away money for nothing!

The websites and forums that allow these kind of complaints without any investigation must be considered scams themselves and we’ll explain why they allow these comments later…

The problem is that it’s not easy for “Get Paid To” (GPT) companies like Cash4Offers to protect themselves and their reputation is low due to these complaints and due to some cases when there is a dishonesty from owners of “Get Paid To” websites too.

So, the main purpose of this article is to protect all honest GPT companies!

Second, there are many people who join Cash4Offers without even reading the Member Policy. Later there may be all kinds of misunderstandings due to this fact and these people start posting false comments to forums and other web sites.

Here are some of major issues that often arise due to the fact that members don’t obey the rules or they are not attentive:

  1. Members don’t receive a reply from Cash4Offers support because the questions that they ask are already explained in the Member Policy and the FAQ page.
  2. Members think that we pay only for reading email. No, we don’t pay if you only read paid email! According to the Member Policy each member must participate in paid surveys and offers at least once per 30 days during the membership.
  3. Members complete daily cash surveys and don’t qualify. Note that daily surveys are provided by our partners and they decide if you qualify or not.
  4. Members complete the same surveys and offers multiple times.
  5. Members take free trial offers without real interest (just to get money from Cash4Offers) and cancel them after receiving the cash.
  6. Members claim completing an offer although we don’t have a confirmation from our partners who always have the final say.
  7. Members abuse the Cash4Offers referral system by creating multiple accounts.
  8. Members demand to pay within 72 hours upon their first time payment request.

Of course, the worst cases occur when dishonest people try to defraud the system by using stolen credit cards, registering from countries that are not accepted by Cash4Offers, etc.

Third, forums and sites that allow complaints without any investigations are scams! You may wonder, why would they do that?

Simple, they make money online when people post comments and complaints on their sites. How?

The more comments are posted on these sites, the more site content is built for them automatically, without any work. Online search engines love sites with constantly updated content and they rank these sites high in search engine results. It means that these companies receive free traffic to their sites and they make lots of money by placing advertising on their sites!

If they really cared who’s wrong and who’s right in each of the situations when a member of “Get Paid To” site is not happy and posts comments, they would contact the site owners and tried to find out the real truth and the motives. However, they always choose to trust a person who may be real crook and ignore the GPT site owners who invest their time and money in order to build a quality GPT business which could serve and bring benefits to all parties involved.

So, the only motive of these scam web sites is to get as many comments as possible so they could make more money themselves.

Since these sites consider that Cash4Offers is not legit, Cash4Offers decided to break the silence, reveal the real truth and help all honest GPT site owners who’s businesses suffer from false posts all over the Internet.

Here is the list of sites that allow posts without any investigation and therefore these sites are scams themselves:

We invite all honest GPT site owners who’ve been wrongfully accused of scam by above scam sites, to distribute this article, so the reputation of GPT companies can be re-established!

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4 Responses to “Is Cash4Offers Legit Or A Scam?”
  1. Phyllis Boyd says:

    I would like to know when you cash out and are told it will be put into your paypal account, why isn’t it put in within five days. Your site says takes up to 72 hours. My $35.00 still hasn’t been put in my paypal account, as your site states it would be. Please send me a reply soon.


    Admin Reply:

    Hi Phyllis,

    You agreed to Member Policy upon joining Cash4Offers. Please be sure to read the Member Policy concerning member payments if you’ve forgotten our payout rules.


    People from Cash4Offers


  2. Samuel says:

    Hi everyone,

    I am already on 2 different GPT sites since 1 year and it really works !!!

    I just found Cash4Offers yesterday and did my first offer. Moreover, I referred my mom and the mother of my girlfriend. I am confident I will be paid by Cash4Offers as soon as I receive my credit of $40 for the offer I did yesterday.

    As soon as I receive my money, I will post my experience.

    Finally, I am also bored of all these people who just tell everything is a scam but in fact they just don’t obey the rules.

    Thank you



  3. Illy a Kuryakin says:

    HERE’S MY problem…you do a survey, or whatever, it says PAYING 10 cents to complete an offer or survey??? And it can take anywhere from 20 to 40 MINUTES to complete??? THAT’S THE PROBLEM!!! Ok so some pay $1.00 BUT THEY are so COMPLICATED…MAN!!!


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