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Dollars King – New GPT Site – Earn Cash With Paid Surveys

December 19, 2011 by  
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Just in time for Christmas a new great GPT site – DollarsKing (now SurveysEmail) was launched.

DollarsKing offers instant crediting paid surveys, has no minimum payout and processes payments daily by PayPal!

It means that you can complete only a few surveys one day and receive your payment next day.

So, join DollarsKing today, take paid surveys and get paid tomorrow! You can also increase your income by referring your friends to the DollarsKing.


-The Cash4Offers Team


Is Cash4Offers Legit Or A Scam?

April 26, 2010 by  
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Is Cash4Offers Legit Or A Scam?

Of course, Cash4Offers is legit because we pay all honest people who participate in online activities like reading paid email, taking surveys and offers.

So, Why There Are Complaints On Cash4Offers On The Internet?

Good question and we’ll try to finally reveal the truth and explain why this is happening in this article, so keep reading on…

First, the service provided by Cash4Offers – paying cash for reading email, filling out paid surveys and offers, and referring friends is very vulnerable due to some lazy and dishonest people. It means that anyone can join the site and instantly begin claiming money by borbarding us with threats, curses, complaints and scam accusations without even lifting a finger.

However, Cash4Offers is not a charity organization and it don’t give away money for nothing!

The websites and forums that allow these kind of complaints without any investigation must be considered scams themselves and we’ll explain why they allow these comments later…

The problem is that it’s not easy for “Get Paid To” (GPT) companies like Cash4Offers to protect themselves and their reputation is low due to these complaints and due to some cases when there is a dishonesty from owners of “Get Paid To” websites too.

So, the main purpose of this article is to protect all honest GPT companies!

Second, there are many people who join Cash4Offers without even reading the Member Policy. Later there may be all kinds of misunderstandings due to this fact and these people start posting false comments to forums and other web sites.

Here are some of major issues that often arise due to the fact that members don’t obey the rules or they are not attentive:

  1. Members don’t receive a reply from Cash4Offers support because the questions that they ask are already explained in the Member Policy and the FAQ page.
  2. Members think that we pay only for reading email. No, we don’t pay if you only read paid email! According to the Member Policy each member must participate in paid surveys and offers at least once per 30 days during the membership.
  3. Members complete daily cash surveys and don’t qualify. Note that daily surveys are provided by our partners and they decide if you qualify or not.
  4. Members complete the same surveys and offers multiple times.
  5. Members take free trial offers without real interest (just to get money from Cash4Offers) and cancel them after receiving the cash.
  6. Members claim completing an offer although we don’t have a confirmation from our partners who always have the final say.
  7. Members abuse the Cash4Offers referral system by creating multiple accounts.
  8. Members demand to pay within 72 hours upon their first time payment request.

Of course, the worst cases occur when dishonest people try to defraud the system by using stolen credit cards, registering from countries that are not accepted by Cash4Offers, etc.

Third, forums and sites that allow complaints without any investigations are scams! You may wonder, why would they do that?

Simple, they make money online when people post comments and complaints on their sites. How?

The more comments are posted on these sites, the more site content is built for them automatically, without any work. Online search engines love sites with constantly updated content and they rank these sites high in search engine results. It means that these companies receive free traffic to their sites and they make lots of money by placing advertising on their sites!

If they really cared who’s wrong and who’s right in each of the situations when a member of “Get Paid To” site is not happy and posts comments, they would contact the site owners and tried to find out the real truth and the motives. However, they always choose to trust a person who may be real crook and ignore the GPT site owners who invest their time and money in order to build a quality GPT business which could serve and bring benefits to all parties involved.

So, the only motive of these scam web sites is to get as many comments as possible so they could make more money themselves.

Since these sites consider that Cash4Offers is not legit, Cash4Offers decided to break the silence, reveal the real truth and help all honest GPT site owners who’s businesses suffer from false posts all over the Internet.

Here is the list of sites that allow posts without any investigation and therefore these sites are scams themselves:

We invite all honest GPT site owners who’ve been wrongfully accused of scam by above scam sites, to distribute this article, so the reputation of GPT companies can be re-established!

Cash4Offers Review

April 23, 2010 by  
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This Cash4Offers review explains:

  • Why join Cash4Offers?
  • Who can make money with Cash4Offers?
  • How Cash4Offers works?
  • What to do to increase income with Cash4Offers?
  • And much much more…

Why Join Cash4Offers?

Cash4Offers is a membership site where you can sign up if you have an email address and earn cash for your online activities.

Since we don’t send spam to our members, we require everyone to confirm their email address upon sign up.

Once you confirm your email address you will receive your first paid email and this is your first step to make money with Cash4Offers. From now on, you will receive paid emails every day automatically!

Paid emails are worth maximum 5 US cents each. The paid email payout range from 1 to 5 US cents and the system how the rates are calculated is explained below…

It could take a very long time to make money just by reading paid emails. So, we have several other ways to earn cash: get paid for taking surveys, offers and referring your friends.

One of the best ways to instantly boost your earnings is by participating in Cash4Offers daily paid surveys. Simply, login to your account with the login information that is delivered to you by email upon sign up, and visit “Cash Surveys” section from your member area. If you qualify for the survey, you can earn 50 US cents to your account. Note that you can take these surveys every day!

But your earning potential doesn’t stop here…

Once you become a member, login to your account daily and not only check your stats but complete various offers that pay up to 15 US dollars or even more! By completing offers you can quickly reach the Cash4Offers payout minimum and request your payment.

And this is not all… You can also tell your friends about Cash4Offers using your personal referral link from the member area and increase your earnings from referral income.

If you are an internet marketer and you understand how to drive targeted traffic to a website, you can even join Cash4Offers Affiliate Program and earn affiliate commissions.

One of the best features of Cash4Offers is their fast payment processing within 72 hours upon payment request. It’s important to note that this feature is valid starting from the second payment request. This is done to prevent any fraudulent member activities.

The first member payment request is processed not so fast – on net-15 basis, just like many other “Get Paid To” programs pay. For more information be sure to read the Cash4Offers Member Policy.

As you can see, there are lots of different ways to make money with Cash4Offers. You can make 50 US dollars in a couple of hours of your time by completing offers that interest you.


Who Can Make Money With Cash4Offers?

Anyone who has an Internet connection, a valid email address, some spare time and wants to make easy extra cash online.

Although you will not make thousands of dollars a month, you can earn a realistic $50 profit per month by reading paid emails, taking daily paid surveys, completing offers that interest you and referring others to Cash4Offers.

A word of warning… We often see people who join Cash4Offers and want money for doing nothing! Or they even try to defraud our system and therefore get their accounts cancelled.

Later these guys complain, threaten ,accuse us of scam and post false comments in various forums and scam sites that are scams themselves because they accept these false comments even without trying to contact us and find out what is happening and who is the real fraudster.

Remember, we fight fraud and don’t pay tire-kickers! This simply don’t happen here, so…

Please don’t join Cash4Offers if you don’t want to invest some of your time at Cash4Offers. Note that we are not a charity organization and we don’t give away money for doing nothing or just for reading email. Understand that the more time you can invest with Cash4Offers the more money you can earn.

Cash4Offers is perfect for moms, anyone who is looking for a part time job, who wants to make extra income working from home using computer, who needs extra cash to pay the bills, mortgage, save money for education or vacation, needs an initial capital to start own business, etc.

So, now it’s time to understand…

How Cash4Offers Works?

In oder to pay our members, we have partnered with some of the best online companies that are our sponsors and they pay us commissions when we successfully market their products to our members by offering them various offers.

We pay majority of the commissions that we earn from our sponsors to all of our valued and honest members who request the payment!

So, please understand that we don’t make any money when you simply read paid emails, although we do pay for each and every email that our members read!

We make money and can pay you only when you participate in surveys and offers that are advertised using the Cash4Offers paid email marketing system or cash offers and surveys from your member area.

That’s why our policy is to pay money and process payments only to active members who agree to take at least one survey or offer each month during their membership with Cash4Offers.

Please note that your paid email rates also depend on your activity. Our software automatically detects member activity and pays from 1 to 5 cents for a paid email that is confirmed. So, if you get paid 5 cents for a paid email after joining the Cash4Offers, your paid email rate may decrease to 4 cents per paid email if you don’t accept any survey or offer after 30 days of your membership.

Our moto is to pay our members as quickly as possible. That’s why this unique feature prompts our members to be active and allows them to get paid from Cash4Offers faster!

What To Do To Increase Income With Cash4Offers?

By now you can understand that Cash4Offers is all abount making fast cash on the Internet.

So, please don’t join Cash4Offers if you want to get paid only for reading paid emails. We cannot pay members only for reading paid email as it was already explained… and it would take you a very long time to get paid if you earned only 5 – 10 US cents for reading 1 or 2 emails per day.

Our policy is to pay more and faster… And you can do that by readin paid email + taking surveys, completing offers and referring others to our web site.

The best way to increase online income is to learn how to drive traffic to a site. Once you learn this, you can make money by referring others not only to Cash4Offers, but to any other “Get Paid To” company that offers a referral program or market any other product and service that offers affiliate commissions.

We’ve already covered some of the basic stuff related to referral income in our previous articles.

So, if you want to make extra cash quickly and you are ready to invest some of time you can join Cash4Offers today and start earning instantly!

Get Referrals With Traffic Exchange

January 13, 2010 by  
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Your response from our previous article regarding making money with referrals has shown that only some of you were interested in your own website that would allow you to promote multiple Get Paid To (GPT) program referral links.

So, today we are going to show you how to get one referral link of a legitimate program and promote it in order to get referrals and make some money.

First step is to find a legitimate paid email or survey program. We recommend you to join one of the best paid survey company –

They send daily paid surveys by email, have low payout minimum and offer an excellent referral program.

What to do after you register with Quick Pay Survey?

Your next step is to activate your account by confirming your email address and go to their “Referrals” page. You will find your own referral link that looks like this:

Now, the final step is to promote your referral link to other people in order to earn cash when they take surveys at Quick Pay Survey.

We’ll show you how to promote your referral link using a traffic exchange website called TrafficSwarm.

So, once you have your own referral link handy, be sure to register with TrafficSwarm. Then read their FAQ and other information pages in order to fully understand how you can drive traffic to your referral link at no cost!


The Cash4Offers Team

Earn Cash With GPT Referrals: Part 4

December 11, 2009 by  
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It’s strange… There were only a couple of comments in our previous article about earning cash with “Get Paid To” (GPT) referrals.

When we asked our members if they wanted the basics on paid survey referrals, 70% of you wanted all the information. However, when we provided the information about the need for a website for referrals – which is essential for success, – there were no questions, no comments?! This really got us puzzled!

It probably means that the information provided in our previous article was too confusing for you?

So, we decided to provide a service for you… We can build a simple paid survey website for you with the links to all of your GPT programs for only $4.95 per month. But we can provide this service only if at least 100 of you are interested in having your own money-making website promoting all your referral links!

Here’s what you get if you decide to create a website with us and make money with it:

  • A free domain name. What’s a domain name? It’s a name of your GPT website. For example, our domain name is CASH4OFFERS.COM. We will give you a domain name like this – WWW.YOURDOMAINNAME.INFO, where YOURDOMAINNAME part will be any name that you select for your website if it’s available.
  • Affordable, high quality web hosting for only $4.95 a month! What’s a web hosting? It’s a server (machine like a computer) where all web pages of your GPT website will be hosted and can be accessed for anyone on the Internet.
  • Free content. We will create several simple web pages for you with your GPT program referral links. All you have to do is join some GPT programs and send us your referral links, so we could put them on your website. You can even apply for affiliate networks and put there links on your referral website. You’ll have total control of your content and you can create and change it yourself if you’re an experienced webmaster.
  • Easy Payment with PayPal. You can pay the monthly fee for your GPT website using PayPal. Of course, you can cancel the service anytime if you’re not satisfied.
  • Free Unlimited Support. Have a question about referrals? Shoot us an email and receive instant help!

Yes, I Want My Own GPT Website For Only $4.95 A Month!
(Link will go live only if we have at least 100 interested prospects)
GPT website - $4.95 a month!

So, here’s a new poll that should help us understand if you are interested in having your own money-making referral website…

Do You Want A Money-Making Referral Website For Only $4.95 A Month?

View Results

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Please be active if you want us to help you earn cash with referrals – ask your questions, submit comments below…

To Your Success,
The Cash4Offers Team

All The Reasons To Have A Website For Referrals: Part 3

December 7, 2009 by  
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Today we’ll try to convince you to consider building a website that you can use for paid email and survey referrals.

In order to make money online with referrals you can use this simple formula:

A Website Link + Visitors To This Website Link

Where “A Website Link” is either a direct referral link to only one of your paid survey companies or a link to your own website, and we’ll talk about “Visitors To This Website Link” part in the formula in our future articles.

Here are all the reasons why you can make much more money if you have a website promoting your survey referral links instead of advertising only one link to your favorite paid email or survey company:

  1. Owing a website will cost you less than $1 per day, but can make you tens or even hundreds of dollars per day;
  2. Building a website for referrals can be simple if you know where to find the information and how to do it. No technical experience is needed, only some of your time and effort;
  3. When you have a website you can promote as many paid survey referral programs as you want. This will instantly boost your referral marketing income;
  4. If you have a website, you can put a subscription form on it and collect email addresses of your visitors. In Internet marketing this process is called a “list building”. Then, you can send your subscribers emails promoting all of your “Get Paid To” (GPT) programs. It’s easy to set up a form on your site if you know where to find the information. No complicated technical experience is needed!
  5. If you own a website, you can apply and get accepted by affiliate networks, and promote the affiliate links of legitimate GPT companies. By doing so you will get paid directly from affiliate networks and avoid scam companies;
  6. After building your first website and becoming an affiliate marketing expert, you can build other websites related to other niches and earn full time income online working from home!

As you can see, before trying to send visitors directly to only one paid survey referral link you should seriously consider whether you need a website that could promote multiple paid email or survey programs, it would make you look as an expert so you could apply for affiliate networks that would bring you lots of income.

Here are some tips that could help you to build a high quality website quickly and easily:

1. You could start a blog at Blogger at no cost! In your free blog you can list all referral links to your favorite paid email and survey companies. You can write a review about each of the GPT programs that you promote, especially if you have already received a payment from them and know that they are legitimate.

You can even set up a form on the blog in order to collect email addresses of your visitors so you could follow up with them by email later. The email marketing service that can help you to do this is Aweber. You can find out more about them by subscribing here:

“The Money Is In The List

AWeber proves it to thousands of businesses every day.

Learn how email marketing software
can get you more sales, too.

The only drawback with the free blog is that you will not be accepted by affiliate networks if you apply as they require a professional website with your own domain name.

2. Another way to build a free website is to use Homestead (they currently offer a free trial) or similar service. You can “google” the Internet to find more of these.

However, you will not get accepted as an affiliate until you don’t buy a domain name.

3. If you are serious about making money with referrals you should build a professional website. One of the best way to do that is SBI. They will guide you step-by-step even if you don’t have any technical or marketing skills and help you to build an excellent website about “Get Paid To” programs.

4. A great place to start your affiliate marketing career is Worrior Forum. When you register, you can ask any question there related to Internet marketing. You can even ask someone to help you to build a website or drive traffic to your website if you already have one.

There’s quite a lot of information for you if you are new to Internet marketing. So, please review each of the option above and be sure to comment and ask questions below.

We’ll decide on the topic of our next article related to earning cash with paid survey referrals after we review all of your questions that you may have after reading this article.

To Your Success,

The Cash4Offers Team

Paid Survey Referrals: Part 2

December 4, 2009 by  
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First, thank y’all for your votes, questions and comments regarding the “Cash With Paid Survey Referrals” training. The response was huge and more than 80% of you wanted the training! So, we’ll continue the series of articles related to Referral Marketing of “Get Paid To” (GPT) programs.

From your comments we understand that some of you guys already have some experience with referrals while others are interested to find out more but don’t have much experience so far.

So, we decided to explain some basic stuff about paid survey referrals from the beginning of our series. So, if you already have some experience referring visitors to your favorite GPT companies, please be patient while we explain the basics to other guys.

In order to serve you better, could you please take the following poll about your experience with referrals so we could provide you with quality information as quick as possible:

What's Your Experience With Referral Marketing?

View Results

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From your questions and comments in our previous survey referral article we can see that:

1. Some of you guys don’t want to spend any money on learning the referral marketing;
2. You want to avoid scams and are interested in promoting only legitimate paid email and survey programs;
3. You want to make as much cash as possible with GPT program referrals.

All these topics are very closely related, so we think that some explanation is needed. Here’s why:

In order to make lots of money with referrals you need a website.

But if you are going to have a website, you will have to spend some money!

If you want to avoid scam GPT programs and promote only legitimate paid survey companies, you must have a website, so you could apply to affiliate networks and promote the paid survey programs using their affiliate links, not your referral links that you can get directly from paid email and survey programs. By promoting paid survey affiliate links you will get paid from affiliate networks and you don’t have to bother trying to figure out if a paid email or survey company is legit or not.

See, how everything is related?

Also, please understand that you can learn how to promote your survey referral links without spending any money and we’ll show you how to do that, but don’t expect that you can earn lots of cash without investing any of your time and effort. This is not a get rich quick scheme and we will not provide you with a magic button that spits out cash when is pressed.

If some of the information above is confusing for you, like a website, affiliate networks, referral link promotion, please don’t hesitate and ask your questions below. We’ll also try to explain everything in more detail in our upcoming articles.

In our next article we’ll reveal all reasons why you need a website promoting your referral links if you really want to make money with paid surveys and the ways how to build such a website.

Talk to your soon!

The Cash4Offers Team